Sorg Architects

  • The Grand Arch

    Gurgaon, India

    Serving as the flagship for a new 300-acre township outside New Delhi, India, the Grand Arch mixed-use development features over 900 residential units in both high- and mid-rise buildings, ranging from 8 to 30 stories. Planned utilizing a modern take on the Mughal garden, the Grand Arch is located on a 30-acre site at the terminus of the Delhi Metro in Gurgaon. The project includes a central community, cultural and recreation facility, educational building, and affordable housing, in addition to the residential units. Drawn to the impressive arches framing timeless architectural works, such as the Taj Mahal, Sorg Architects’ design infuses monumental inspiration with modern minimalist design to define a new perspective in the current building boom and to provide contemporary housing for India’s newly formed upwardly mobile classes.

    Utilizing vernacular and technological sustainability strategies, the Grand Arch is a sustainable development from the unit to the community level. Units feature double-glazed windows to prevent heat gain and loss, along with energy conserving systems. The development also includes solar water heating and lighting systems, and sun-shading throughout. Water conservation is achieved through efficient and low-flow plumbing systems and rain water collection and reuse. A dedicated wastewater treatment plant utilizes state-of-the-art efficient membrane technology for purification and recycling.

    The Grand Arch serves as a benchmark for design and quality in its North Indian market and has set the standard for initial sales. The project is nearing completion, and construction will conclude in 2014.