Sorg Architects

  • The Beauregard

    Washington, DC

    Located in downtown Washington, DC, just outside one of the city’s historic districts and at the hub of its thriving music and arts scene, the Beauregard project presented Sorg Architects with greater design freedom and an opportunity to work in what is rapidly transforming into the city’s most popular destinations for arts, culture, and urban living.

    The design of the Beauregard reflects the energy that results from the intersection between n older industrial fabric and forward-looking artistic practice in Washington. The use of alternating black and maroon Ironspot brick serves to contrast different formal elements of the design. The projecting bays that characterize the facades of the building reference the design of Washington’s classic apartment buildings, but have been angled to provide views from each unit. The Cubist influence and proportions of the deconstructed bays also respond to the artistic character of the neighborhood and reference the single family homes that constitute some of the Beauregard’s immediate context. Similarly, the setbacks of the building serve to lessen the height impact, while also providing outdoor spaces for many of the apartments.

    Developed as workforce housing and designed to serve a younger urban clientele, the 49,000 SF project includes 43 condominium apartments. The ground floor, including the building’s entrance, is partly recessed below grade, creating an “English basement” level with terraces.

    The open plan of the units brings the luxury of light and air into the interiors with expanses of glass in every apartment, while affordable interior finishes keep the units within range of the targeted clientele. The required rear set back has been transformed into a courtyard garden so that units on every façade are afforded a view.

    Brick in Architecture Award, Best in Class: Residential-Multi-Family, 2010