Sorg Architects

    • 2014 -

      Luxe DC Magazine
      “Mixed Media”
      April 2014
      (Apartment One)

      Recreation Management
      “Survival of the Fittest – Keys to Successful
      Fitness Facility Management” February 2014
      (Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex)

      A Magazine
      “Capital Living” February 2014
      (Apartment One)

      “Anacostia High School Snags Design Award”
      February 2014 (Anacostia High School)

      “Fit for Life” February 2014
      (Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex)

      Parks & Recreation
      “High-Tech Rec” January 2014
      (Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex)

      “Southern Regional Technology & Recreation
      Complex by Sorg Architects” January 2014
      (Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex)

    • 2013 -

      Architectual Record
      “India: Boom or Bust?” December 2013
      (Sorg Architects / The Grand Arch)

      American School & University
      “2013 Architectural Portfolio” November 2013
      (Anacostia High School)

      “Southern Regional / Sorg Architects” November 2013
      (Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex)

      The Washington Post
      “Renovation writes a new chapter in an apartment’s
      history“, November 2, 2013 (Apartment One)

      DE|AR Design & Arredo
      “Sorg Architects – Bianco A Colori”, October 2013
      (Apartment One)

      Architects + Artisans
      “In Washington, D.C., Apartment One”, September 2013
      (Apartment One)

      “Sorg Architects’ Rockaways Water Dyke Concept Harnesses
      Surge Waters Themselves to Fight Flooding”, August 2013
      (Water Dyke)

    • Design Milk
      “Historic Apartment Meets Modern
      Times”, August 2013 (Apartment One)

      Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation
      “Built By Women: Skyon”, August 2013

      Amazing Interior Design  / Home Design Magazine
      “Modern & Historic Combination by
      Sorg Architects”, August 2013 (Apartment One)

      AEC Cafe
      “Skyon in Gurgaon, India by Sorg
      Architects”, August 2013 (Skyon)

      AEC Cafe
      “The Water Dyke MOMA PS1 Rockaways
      Call for Ideas Winning”, July 2013 (Water Dyke)

      “Designing Women” by Jennifer Sergent,
      May 2013, pg.50 (Suman Sorg & Nicole Sorg)

      Prince George’s Suite
      Winter 2012/Spring 2013, pp. 36-37,
      (Southern Regional Technology & Recreation Complex)

    • Architecture DC
      Summer 2013, pg. 16
      (Apartment One)

      July 2013, pp. 144-145
      (Apartment One)

      July 3, 2013,
      (MoMa PS1 Rockaway | Water Dyke)

      2012 -

      “The Messy Suburb”, March 2012
      (The Grand Arch, Skyon, Sector 63A, Sector 62)

      2011 – 2010

      Contract Magazine
      “Focus on Design Firms’ Offices – Sorg Architects”,
      November/December 2011 (Sorg Architects’ Office)

      American School & University
      “Outstanding Designs – Elementary Schools”, November 2011
      (Cresthaven Elementary School)

      Architecture Leaders Today
      “South I Civic”, Nov/Dec 2011 (US Embassy – Barbados,
      Cresthaven Elementary School, The Grand Arch)

    • a+a China
      “The Beauty of Simplicity”, Issue No. 11
      (Bancroft Place)

      Southeast Asia Building
      “Top marks for the Cresthaven elementary school”,
      Sep/Oct 2011, (Cresthaven Elementary School)

      Southeast Asia Building
      “US-based Sorg Architects design three major projects for the
      Indian marketplace”, Sep/Oct 2011,
      (The Grand Arch, Skyon, Sector 62)

      Surface Asia
      “The New Indian Influence”, Issue No. 6,
      (The Grand Arch, Skyon)
      “Sorg Architects Design Three New Major Projects
      for Burgeoning Indian Development Scene”, October 2011,
      (The Grand Arch, Skyon, Sector 62)

      “On the Boards”, August 2011, (The Grand Arch, Sector 62, Skyon)

      Contemporary Villas
      “Waterside” Section, Published July 2011,
      (Chesapeake Bay Residence, HGTV Dream Home, van Sweden Residence)

    • Washington Business Journal
      “Fed Planners Shoot For New Design Ideas for D.C. Buildings”,
      August 12-18 2011, (Suman Sorg)

      Architects + Artisans
      “Suman Sorg Architect and Pop Artist”,
      Aug 09 2011, (Suman Sorg)

      Residential Architect
      “Shedding Borders”, May-June 2011, (Suman Sorg)

      Home Trends – India
      “Surreal Sanctuary”, Vol 2 – No 2 2011,
      (Chesapeake Bay Residence)

      Home Trends – India
      “Know Your Architect”, Vol 2 – No 2 2011,
      (Suman Sorg and Various Projects)

      Architectural Record
      “2010 Brick in Architecture Feature”, December 2010
      (The Beauregard & The Visio & Murano)

      Brick in Architecture
      “2010 Brick in Architecture Award Winner”, November 2010
      (The Beauregard & The Visio & Murano)

    • Builder
      “2010 Builder’s Choice”, October 2010 (Solea Condominiums)

      2009 – 2008

      On Site Magazine
      “A Contemporary Feel Along U St. Corridor”, Winter 2009
      (The Visio and Murano)

      Taiwan Architect
      “International Architecture News”, Summer 2009
      (US Embassy, Bridgetown)

      “DC Architect Suman Sorg’s Neighborhood Modernism Gains a
      Foothold in the Nation’s Capital”, Jan. 2008 (The Visio & Murano)

      Home & Design
      “Urban Refuge”, Winter 2008 (Bancroft Place Residence)

      The New York Times
      “A Weekend Home That’s Straight Out of a Dream”,
      Jan 18, 2008 (HGTV Dream Home)

      Estilos de Vida
      “Eco Design”, Winter 2008 (Chesapeake Bay Residence)

    • 2007 – 2006

      “Donor Profile”, Summer 2007 (Suman Sorg)

      Residential Architect
      “Report From the Front”, May 2007 (Suman Sorg)

      DC Modern Luxury
      “Little Ms. Sunshine: A DC Architect Finally Sees the Light ”,
      March 2007 (Bancroft Place Residence)

      On Site
      “By Design ”, Spring 2007 (Suman Sorg)

      Waterfront Home & Design
      “Splendor in the Grasses ”, February 2007 (Bay Residence)

      “Capitol Domes ”, February 2007 (Egg-Shaped Digester Facility)

      Architectural Record
      “What is it like to be a female architect with a solely
      owned firm in the US Today?: Not Only Zaha”,
      December 2006 (Suman Sorg)


    • Success
      “Success Stories: How to Lead a Rich Life ”,
      November 2006 (Suman Sorg)

      Washington Spaces
      “Condos Beyond Compare ”, Early Winter 2006 (T Street Flats)

      AIA Guide to the Architecture of
      Washington, DC, 4th Edition

      (Cady’s Alley, Washington Post Office -
      Georgetown Branch, Lincoln Theater, LeDroit Park)

      “Notice Board”, Fall 2006 (Egg-shaped Digesters Facility)

      “2006 Builder’s Choice”, October 2006 (The Visio)

      Metropolitan Home
      “In a Master Landscape”, October 2006, (Chesapeake Bay Residence)

      Business Week
      “Representing the US and Staying Secure”, October 2006
      (US Embassy Compounds)

      “Architecture News 1”, September 2006 (Egg-Shaped Digesters Facility)

    • AIA Architect
      “Suman Sorg Designs State-of-the-Art Biosolids Treatment Facility”, September 2006 (Egg-Shaped Digesters Facility)

      Architectural Record
      “Futuristic Tanks Make Sludge “Magical”, August 2006
      (Egg-Shaped Digesters Facility)

      Blue Print
      “Architecture: A Case of Presidential Treatment”, August 2006
      (Egg-Shaped Digesters Facility)

      Glass Steel and Stone
      Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant”, August 2006
      (Egg-Shaped Digesters Facility)

      Architecture Week
      “People and Places”, June 2006 (Egg-Shaped Digesters Facility)

      Multifamily Executive
      Project of the Month”, May 2006 (Kentucky Courts)

      Washington Business Journal
      $3.8 M V Street Project Turns Architect into Developer ”
      April 28-May 4, 2006 (The Logic)

      Residential Architect
      “Architects’ Choice”, April 2006 (Bancroft Place)

    • Washington Spaces
      “High end to High Tech”, Spring 2006
      (The Beauregard, The Visio Murano)

      The Washington Post
      “A Landmark Design on the City’s Waterfront “, March 26, 2006
      (Egg-Shaped Digesters Facility)

      “Een Hollander Op De Prairie ”, October, 2006
      (van Sweden Residence)


      Architectural Record
      “Urban Design Awards”, May 2005 (Cady’s Alley)

      Beautiful Home
      “Architect Q+A,” Spring 2005 (Q&A with Suman Sorg)

      Garden Design
      “Field of Dreams,” Sept/Oct. 2004 (van Sweden Residence)

      Building Design & Construction
      “Back on Track,” October 2004 (Richmond’s Main Street Station)

      “Please Fence Me In”, September 2004 (van Sweden Residence)

      “Award-Winning Homes,” June 2004 (HGTV Dream Home)

      The US China Build Program ed. Distinctive Designs
      A Showcase of American Building Materials, Summer 2004
      (van Sweden Residence)

      Architecture DC
      “Homes of Note,” Summer 2004
      (Suman Sorg interviewed)

      The Washington Post
      “An Alley That Turns a Corner In Urban Design,”
      March 7, 2004 (Design Center West)

      Interior Digest
      “Indian Guest,” Spring 2004 (van Sweden Residence)

      The Washington Post
      “Affordable Housing That’s So Nice to Come
      Home To,” February 28, 2004 (LeDroit Park)

      The InTowner

      “From Logan to Petworth: New Projects Promise
      Residential & Retail Energy,” February 2004
      (14th and R Street Condominiums, 1515 14th Street Condominiums)

      “Mature Firms, New Talent,” January 2004
      (Suman Sorg roundtable participant)

    • Hill Rag
      “Ceremony Kicks Off Kentucky Courts
      Project,” January 2004 (Kentucky Courts)

      New Urban News
      “Real Estate Revival Surges Into Long-Depressed DC
      Neighborhoods,” January/February 2004 (LeDroit Park)

      Landscape Architecture
      “Meadowland,” January 2004 (van Sweden Residence)


      Canizares, Ana, ed. Waterfront Retreats
      New York: Harper Design, 2003 (van Sweden Residence)

      The InTowner
      “Major Buildings Underway Along U Street,” September 2003
      (The Beauregard)

      Washington Life
      “Eastern Shore Vacation Homes – James van Sweden’s Ultra
      Modern Retreat,” September 2003 (van Sweden Residence)

      Residential Architect
      ”Modern, historical, public, private, chaos, quiet,” August 2003
      (Cover story on Suman Sorg)

      Home & Design
      ”Profile, Suman Sorg,” Fall 2003

    • Kim II and James Trulove, ed. The New American House 4
      New York: Whitney Library of Design, 2003 (van Sweden Home)

      “Barnacles, Kudzu, and the Big Firm,” May 2003
      (Suman Sorg roundtable participant)

      Architectural Record
      “AIA 2003 Honor Award Winners,” May 2003
      (LeDroit Park Revitalization Initiative)

      Architecture DC
      “Architecture Ahead,” Spring 2003 (Materials Testing Laboratory)

      Principal’s Report
      “Profile: Suman Sorg, Sorg & Assoc., PC, Architects,” January 2003

      Residential Architect
      “The Nature of Landscape Design,” November/December 2002

      van Sweden, James, Architecture in the Garden
      New York: Random House, 2002 (van Sweden Residence)

      The Washington Post
      “No Need To Be Ugly,” November 16, 2002 (LeDroit Park)

    • American School & University
      “Outstanding Buildings – Student Centers/Service Areas,”
      August 2002 (Mary Graydon Student Center, American University)

      Architectural Record
      “Residential Houses by Water,” July 2002 (van Sweden Residence)

      Architectural Record
      “AIA 2002 Housing PIA Award Winners,” July 2002 (LeDroit Park)

      Architectural Record
      “Size Affects Firm Culture,” June 2002 (Sorg Architects)

      The Washington Post
      “Home School; Upgrading to Condos,” Saturday, April 6, 2002
      (Phillips School)

      Coastal Living
      “2002 HGTV Dream Home,” March-April 2002 (HGTV Dream Home)

      The Washington Post Magazine
      “Building Blocks,” March 17, 2002 (Phillip’s Row)

      The Washington Post
      “Going Coastal,” Thursday, March 7, 2002 (HGTV Dream Home)

    • Architectural Record
      “Building Science,” March 2002 (US Department of State)

      The Baltimore Sun
      “Dream a Little Dream of a House on the Bay,”
      Sunday, February 24, 2002 (Dream Home)

      “The Gardener’s Shed,” February 2002 (van Sweden Residence)

      Home & Garden Television Website:
      “Dream Home 2002,” January-March 2002 (HGTV Dream Home)

      Design Solutions: Journal of the Architectural Woodwork
      Institute“Bring a Landmark Back to Life,” Winter 2002

      Washington Business Journal
      “Lessons Learned,” January 4-10, 2002 (Suman Sorg quoted)

      Architecture DC
      “Chapter Awards,” 2001 Year in Review
      (LeDroit Park Revitalization Initiative)

      Washington Business Journal
      “2001 Washington Chapter American Institute of Architects
      Award Winning Architecture,” December 14-20, 2001
      (LeDroit Park Revitalization Initiative)

    • 2001 – 2000

      American: Magazine of American University
      “Floored!” Fall 2001
      (Mary Graydon Student Center, American University)

      The Washington Post
      “He Said, She Said,” October 25, 2001 (van Sweden Residence)

      The Washington Construction News
      “Profile/A Rare Commodity: General Practice Firm Revels in
      Diversity of Clients and Projects,” October 2001
      (Public Welfare Foundation-PWF)

      Region Focus
      “Profile/Suman Sorg,” Summer 2001

      The Washington Post
      “Philanthropists Bring Renewed Life to Historic Building,”
      April 19, 2001 (Public Welfare Foundation-PWF)

      The American Institute for Architects’ Communities by Design
      “Influencing Your Community’s Quality of Life,” March, 2001 (Phillips Row)

      Washington Business Journal
      “Future Use of Shaw Building Rooted in Historic Past,” February 9-15,
      2001 (Public Welfare Foundation-PWF)

    • Washington DC/Baltimore Construction Review
      “The True Reformer Building,” 2001
      (Public Welfare Foundation-PWF)

      DCBIA Members, Feature Article – Renovations
      “True Reformer Building Reflects District Revitalization,”
      Spring 2000 (Public Welfare Foundation-PWF)

      The Washington Post – Real Estate
      “New Energy East of the River,” March 25, 2000 (Master Plan)

      Washington City Paper
      “Out to Dry,” March 3-9, 2000 (Yale Laundry Hotel)

      The Georgetowner
      “Profile/Putting Her Stamp on the City,” August 31, 2000
      (Suman Sorg)

      New Urban News
      “Homes in Parkside, a District of Columbia infill project ,”
      January/February 2000 (Parkside Townhomes)

      Bulletin, by the Washington Builders Congress
      “Renovation,” May 2000 (Public Welfare Foundation-PWF)